Sunday, March 7, 2010

yay !

blog blog
i shall !

hahas .

why am i getting lazier and lazier
online ?
gosh i should really delete those games sometimes .

anyway , update (:


yesterday was our long awaited day out (:
and long awaited due to the busy
time constraining
schedule we've been having
recently .

and after recovering from our
not-so-smooth period
and deciding that we still stand really strong
and firm like twin mountains ,
for each other (:

she came to my house yesterday (:
well deserved break we had !

we promised each other that the the first part of the day
was her accompanying me ,
and later in the will be me accompanying her.
but !
we ended up just simply ,
accompanying each other (:
just like how we always do hhees .

we made EGG-SANDWICH ,
together !
hahas , chef + assitance .
and it taste greater than ever (:
well , it actually
taste better and better
everytime we make it together :P

because our special ingredient ,
is always there (:

we watched time traveller's wife over breakfast .
the movie was awesome ! thanks for the recommendation (:
it has so much meaning in it ,
with rather peculiar and sensitive
ideas in it but it is driven
by many simple and important things .

hehes . watching movies together
does make movies nicer !
oh well ,
doing anything together with her makes
anything nicer (:

lirong then proceeded to watch her webcast lecture
while i loiter around the room reading
reader's digest and an obsolete version
of men's health .
hahahs , we shared and chatted about any topics
we can pick up from anything .
we're so full of ideas hehes .

and then we shared (:
we shared so many things .
things we treasure
and things that holds both of us together
through so many and so much (:

thanks for holding on , to each other !


AMK Hub was the prime choice for lunch
(apart from lingzhi LOL )
cus we miss yong tau foo ,
and basically eating it together with each other .
and her complaining that i always
finish her favorite

it IS nice . and at first it looked like ALOT
so i couldnt help eating so much of it hahahs !

and today i learnt whats her favorite
staple food too (:

headed off to buy
KOI Bubble tea after which .

honestly , i didnt expect much
from a famous bubble tea stall hahas .
as in , i thought , how nice could bubble tea get ?

wait till you try KOI !
hahas . its insane nice hhhes .
taste like you can drink thousands of cups
and still not get sick of the same flavour .
and then theres like dozens of flavours !

hahas . yet another great
recommendation for FOOD
by lirong (:

we sucked and sucked the drink non stop
and even decided to go for another cup
but yeah , its heaty !


headed to suntec city after lunch hahas .
and we camwhored abit while resting our legs !

we really have alot of unglams hehhes .

walked around suntec city !
much things to see hehhes .

come to think about it ,
we actually visited suntec city quite a number of times !

hahhas .

we laughed till our cheeks ache
as we continuously tease and taunt (:
havent been so natural and boundary less with her (:
our bond is getting thicker and thicker .
closer and closer to each other we draw :D


for dinner when we decided both our legs and stomach
is ready for dinner .
pics will come soon ! its taking quite awhile to load .
we had meepok , which was abit too spicy to both our opinions .
kept us sweating hahas . spice covered the original taste
of the meepok abit too much .

exchanged my rice with that , hahas .
rather my tongue hurts than hers :D

highlight ! claypot with tofu !
omg the sauce is awesommmmmeeee .
with mixed veggies and mock meat inside .
hahahs perfect combination with rice and even meepok !

they were nice enough to give us two bowls of soup hahas .
we talked , laughed , shared (:
and burped !

bought her a new Little miss shirt , and she paid
for the other !
little miss neat and little miss happy .

its really very her hahas .
tell me next time you wear your little miss happy yeah !
*hints hints*
hahahas we know (:

alright shant drag !
hmm .
shall try not to
need-to-remind-and-tell-to-blog .
hahas .
its actually ,

quite fun !


will update soon !

catcha' all real soon .
time : 1141
activity : hehes (: smiling to myself alot .
music : nothing playing right now .
mood : (:

bang the drums . hit the tyres . light the fire . boost the bass . spin the discs . turn the tables .
mix the jelly


] DJ LT [

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


its going to be the
20th of January ,
in awhile !

1 year ago (:

we decided to walk our paths ,


and till now ive
regretted the decision.

im actually ,

quite proud of it .

to be with you (:


we did clash abit during periods .

we both do acknowledge we are extremes

in certain situations and thoughts.

things get wobbly sometimes
but we held strong always (:

still believing in each other somehow.

hey ,
paths do come with rocks !


hahas !
lets walk down our paths , leg-in-leg lay ?


lets jiayous !


update soon !

catcha' all real soon .
time : 1027
activity : yawning , tired !
music : not really listening to anything hhas .
mood : hehes (:

bang the drums . hit the tyres . light the fire . boost the bass . spin the discs . turn the tables .
mix the jelly


Sunday, December 13, 2009

tomato in a box (:

urgh .
havent blogged in eons .

its the "holiday" seasons now,
and things are getting a little lighter .

more outings and things that we and i can do together,
going shopping , exhibitions (:
or just sit down and talk crap !
and of course ,

run more !


went to science center with lirong and her sister yesterday ,
for the bodyworlds exhibition .

phew what an eye opener !
its really , really informative !

its huge too !
it'll help if the place have a few seats around to rest
people's legs (:


went to the bookfair today hehehs .

what an extravaganza really ,
and a place for us to splurge and do some
post-exams relief and de-stress (:

we bought quite a few items ,
some needs , and more of wants (:

but on the whole ,
it was fun shopping together !

hahas .
hopping around places looking at new objects ,
arguing over buying it or not ,
joking and teasing (:

hehes (:
tomato in a box !


urgh , uploading of pics is slow .

shall continue tomorrow
with more pics !


catcha' all real soon .
time : 0012
activity : yawns (:
music : not listening to anything now !
mood : gee !

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

phew , update .

whops .
havent updated in awhile .

and finally blogging format is back !


guess this is one phase
where quite alot of people are pretty stress .

exams are coming up yeah .

lirong's exams too ..
shes working really hard i can see.
first exam yupps ?
do your best and you wont let anyone down (:
hehes .

been going out mugging with lirong alot (:
hope it does help her in concentrating in studying .
enjoying each other's company is much more rewarding than
just doing things alone !

starbucks esplanade libraries .
heh .

and lotsa fun out studying too !

it did remind me to do my very own essay too hahas .
which i almost forgot to do xD


our first hagan daz !

i havent had hagan daz in AGES .
didnt remember it was soooooooo tasty .

hahahhas we both agreed it beat all ice cream we had :P
and eating together is so much more fun !

phew .
we much watch out food intake though hehes .


ought to get back to practise .
shall update in more details soon (:


catcha' all real soon .
time : 1639
activity : practising .
music : not listening to anything now !
mood : (:

bang the drums . hit the tyres . light the fire . boost the bass . spin the discs . turn the tables .
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

update !

weird !
cant seem to change font or centralise my posts on blogger now .
have to break the format of my posts for abit , hopefully editing can return next time for us to use :D

anyway (:
been soooooooooooooo long since ive updated ,
course is going pretty okay, and time seem to pass faster as lessons gets more interactive.

lirong just returned from her science orientation week, seems really fun , and she definitely enjoyed it !
glad she did (:
school is starting soon for her , things seems to be stressing up but , i know she can do it !
i'll be here to support you yupps ! :D
things will go well if we work hard (:

went to lirong's house today , we were really stoned and tired !
hahas . dont really like times when i have a headache , sigh , should see a doctor soon .
we really really enjoyed each other company still though (:

we might have less time to spend with each other even in the weekends now when school and NS kicks in,
but time we get to spend together , we really do cherish it (:
it'll get better yupps ! lets jiayous !
ahhaha ! have to get back to pack my bag .
will update soon !

catcha' all real soon .

time : 1946
activity : chatting , packing .
music : not listening to anything now .
mood : (: hahas .

bang the drums . hit the tyres . light the fire . boost the bass . spin the discs . turn the tables .
mix the jelly

] DJ LT [

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clone's Birthday !

9 days apart from mine ,
its Li Rong's Birthday !
haahs 12th of June :D

(hint hint , mine's coming , im so excited !)

i wore my BLUE shirt ,
that i recently just bought .
from the almighty Giordano .
( hahas , it's been my most visited shirt shop ever since ever ! )
but now its BLUE , light blue :D
hahas . didnt expect i wont look weird in light blue .
hhaahs !


our Escape plan was ruined due to maintenance and technical difficulties .

we were pretty sad at first !
and i didnt have a backup plan |:

but lirong thought of singing at k-box at suntec !

and woa !

we didnt expect it'll be so much fun (:

its my first time there EVER !

i was pretty scared at first ,
the atmosphere ,
the doubts ,

my voice . hahas
lol !

but i was still excited :P
at least its not a big crowd im singing to (:
hahas ! hahas lirong went to the toilet . and along came the failed attempt of surprise ! prepared a lil round gemini lilo-and-stitch puzzle with handmade sand and glow in the dark stars inside , and a almost-ruined card ! mm (: with a piece of mango cake ! we saaaaaaang so many songs hahs . and had alot of fun LOL . trying to make out weird thai/korean jackie chan's song lyrics . watching weird attached MV's , which arent the original MVs . singing along with non-original singers . eaaaaaaaaaaating . hahas , cant wait for the next time :P


reliving our childhood at the top levels children sections ,
we ended up browsing in toy-"r"-us lol !

hahahs we went ahead to the board games sections
and lirong proudly showed me all the board games she played and owned hahahas .

i wanna play :(


dinner dinner food food was

didnt expect it to be so good at all .
and its a fully vegetarian restaurent ahhhhh .
we're GOING to go back again .

we're really experiencing alot of first times !
hahahs lirong's first Anderson's IceCream :

and as always ,
Anderson's is insanely nice !

mmmmm (:


the day started off slowly ,
and we didnt expect much .
but somehow we both made it so awesome !

thank you , and happy 19 (:


posting results tomorrow .
and and
hahas surprise birthday celebration tomorrow evening !

im excited :D

update soon !


catcha' all real soon .
time : 1155
activity : practising !
music : not listening to anything now !
mood : (:

bang the drums . hit the tyres . light the fire . boost the bass . spin the discs . turn the tables .
mix the jelly


] DJ LT [

Monday, June 15, 2009


9th of June !
hehes .

Li Rong needed to browse and consider some
Furniture catalogue , cus she needs to refurbish her room (:

so where else , but IKEA ? :D

hahas .

we've been wanting sooooo badly to visit ikea for ages .
everytime we pass by on the bus we'll like ,
STARE at the massive blue/yellow building .

hahas .
here comes the chance !

its soooooooo
cool inside ikea .
the format of the shop ,
the decorations ,
the design ,
basically just the entire idea of the "sales of furniture"

is just so , cool !
and comfy !
everything !

hahas .
bet you can even come here WITHOUT the mindset
of getting any furniture in the first place ,
and still enjoy walking around .

we ARE excited (:

trust me , the map looks small (:
but its reallllllly huge inside !

somehow its like a mini little maze ,
with doors connected to a new section everywhere !
maybe its just me .
i get confused easily when it gets colourful :P

making use of the mirrors "on-sale" .
we're really , just trying it out to see if its clear !

hehes . explaning to me on "where to go next"

this is first area we visited .
they have these little "rooms"
where everything is designed , formatted ,
and place nicely for your consideration if you're
building your own little room .

its really comfy !
and they're soooooo many rooms for you to just ,
enter , and "hang around" . just for you to feeeeeel the
ambience .
and it says make yourself at home !
which means you can do anything with the furniture !
play with it , sit on it , lie on it .
hahahas :D


im short .
i admit .
muahahahha .

these cupboards are mean to me .
they're build tooooo high
cant even "lock" it when i swing it upwards .
but hehe , its nice !

its customisable anyway !
oh yeah .
ikea things are actually CUSTOMISABLE .
alot of things there can be .
you can remove a door , install a new sliding one ,
flip one , fold one .
put new racks . everything !

and the price , is actually ,
in MOST cases , quite reasonable .


lunch !
yupps .

they had this vegetarian tomato pasta on display .
sad thing though , it has onion !

we asked if theres anything else ,
and fortunately these this vegetarian fried rice on sale
that day (:
its reaaaaaaaally nice !
we KINDA tasted onion though .

this is their cashier format .
really fresh yeah !

and ahhhhhh .
free flow coffee and tea for just $1.50 !
free flow sugar too :P

hehs :D

lirong brought two real nice home made burger too .
haahs . it was a full and fulfulling lunch :D
of course after a long walk .
and we're prepared to walk much more yeah !


went on walking after that hehes .
happy and full (:

lirong's on a lookout for her own shorter and nicer bed !

and both of us getting excited and fascinated by our favourite ,
and well-priced cupboards !
the one lirong's holding has this "metal gate" thingy !
it actually slides and folds in nicely like a garage gate .
i love it !

taking the mirror to the test again ! :D

ikea mirrors are certified - clear !


even the sunset was heartwarming (:
i bought a 2 piece box set , for organising the messy stuff
in my study room hhahas . ought to (:


hahas went to tampines one ( awesome ! )
for dinner and shopping !

hehes .

and headed home happy (:

what a day hehes .

deeeeep down and up ,
i really really really enjoyed shopping with lirong !
hahahs so fun and its always "on-the-go" , new exciting stuff
just keeps coming in !

hahaas .


shall update the next one real soon !


catcha' all real soon .
time : 0952
activity : picture editing , and can't tell :P
music : not listening to anything now !
mood : hehe .

bang the drums . hit the tyres . light the fire . boost the bass . spin the discs . turn the tables .
mix the jelly


] DJ LT [